About ImageWe, the students of Husson University, in order to increase student influence in the college community and to do whatever is necessary and proper to promote the betterment of Husson University and to protect and ensure student rights, do hereby establish the Husson University Student Government. Student Government is designed to serve the students of Husson University by actively seeking methods of improvement to employ at the University. We are elected representatives of the student body. We talk about student issues and make changes as necessary to events, schedules, and our Constitution. We plan and run events on campus and conduct meetings with senate members. We are the voice of commuters, residents, traditional, and non-traditional students. Between the senate and Executive Board members, we ensure that the student have a voice and their expectations of of student life at Husson University are met.

Executive Board

Paul Forand
Kayla Day
Vice President
Jackson Koch
Katelynne Aiken
Madeline Sanborn
VP of Residential Life
Erik Onessimo
VP of Commuter Relations


Sterling Pingree
Coordinator of Student Activities, Student Life
Pamela Kropp-Anderson
Associate Dean of Students, Student Development
Julie Green
Director of Community & Student Engagement

Student Senate

College of Business

  • Cameron Clark – clarkcam@husson.edu
  • Malorie Young – youngma@husson.edu
  • Caleb Warren – warrenc@husson.edu
  • Justin Kent – kentj@husson.edu
  • Alyson McGillicuddy – mcgillicuddya@husson.edu
  • Josh Cowing – cowingj@husson.edu
  • Mary-Anne MacArthur – macarthurm@husson.edu
  • Eric Lowell – lowelle@husson.edu
  • Steven Pratt – pratts@husson.edu

College of Health and Education

  • Sarah Doucette – doucettes@husson.edu
  • Hannah Thatcher – thatcherh@husson.edu
  • Laura Barnett – barnettl@husson.edu
  • Blair Stevens – stevensb@husson.edu
  • Nicole Jones – jonesn@husson.edu

New England School of Communications (NEScom)

  • Shayne Brown – brownsha@husson.edu
  • Edward Grace – gracee@husson.edu
  • Patrick Caldwell – caldwellp@husson.edu
  • Alex Fenderson – fendersona@husson.edu

School of Pharmacy

  • Samuel Peasleypeasleys@husson.edu

School of Science and Humanities

  • Kelsey Pelletier – pelletierke@husson.edu
  • Brady Grotton – grottonb@husson.edu
  • Caleb Cummings – cummingsca@husson.edu